Walnut Creek, California

By June 1998, 905 manors were members of the Computer Club.  Golden Rain moved the "Information Center" into a larger room next to the Redwood Room. The center was open two days a week and staffed by volunteers.

Summer PC classes were held on Monday and Friday, two hours of class instruction and two hours workshops each week for four weeks. The cost was $25 for members, $35 for non-members.  Classes were taught by Jerry Carleton and Jennifer O'Hara.

Two hour seminars began in July for $5.  Jerry Carleton gave these presentations.

Programs/General Meetings
In April, Intuit software gave a demo on Quicken 98.
In May, Keith Crandall discussed the history of computing.
In June, Scott Ballard from the Contra Costa Libraries discussed "How Computers Relate to Libraries."
Marie Klos arranged for a bus tour to the New United Motor Manufacturing (NUMMI) plant which is the Toyota and General Motors automobile plant in Fremont, California.

Gene Myers arranged for another tour to Pac Bell in San Ramon

In August, the annual barbecue was held at Sportsmen's Park.  Entertainment was provided by the Harmonizers Barber Shop Quartet.

In December, the annual Holiday Dinner and Show, featured the Preludes and Hamonizers

The winter class scheduled 5 classes for MAC and PC, 3 Seminars, and Free workshops every Wednesday.