Walnut Creek, California
The early part of this year the Rossmoor Computer Club lost their leader and founder, Al Halpern.  The Rossmoor Computer Club is a memorial to Al's endless goal to help seniors learn to use computers. He built the foundation that influenced this Club to become the largest club in Rossmoor.  He left us as he lived, with courage and class.  It was a pleasure and a privilege to have known and worked with such a man.  He will be missed, but not forgotten.

In June ,while the classrooms and the office at the Acalanes campus were being expanded and remodeled, the Computer Club moved into the brand new Computer Center at Gateway.  There is space for the popular e-mail and copy service, and a new consultation service which is provided by Club volunteers.  The Club intends to use this space to increase our services to the members and Rossmoor residents. 

The Computer Club purchased beautiful cherry wood furniture and new computers and monitors for the Computer Center.  President, Len Krauss revealed his artistic talents by creating four unique, interesting and beautiful wall decorations.  The latest addition is a new computer and flat panel monitor for "public use."

Marie Klos, created this website for the Club to provide members and residents, class and seminar schedules, and Club activities.  It will also provide links to the Rossmoor Retirement Community, the
Rossmoor News, Contra Costa district news, Acalanes School District, and many more links with interesting and valuable information. 

Due to the move into the new email room and the remodeling of the classrooms, the annual barbecue picnic had to be canceled.

July: 9:The quarterly General Meeting was held at the Del Valle Clubhouse.  Computer technicians  from R-Computers were the guest speakers.  They displayed and demonstrated the use of  new electronic equipment, which was very interesting.

October: 10: The annual Volunteer Luncheon was held at Del Valle Clubhouse. Catered by Sunrise  Mugs and certificates were distributed to the volunteers. This elegant affair was attended by 75 volunteers and spouses. This event was chaired by Marjorie Lang and Chuck Howard.

October 15: Acalanes Adult Center and the Computer Club held an open house on October 15 in the new expanded and remodeled computer classrooms.  The Acalanes School District  provided the expansion and remodeling.  The Computer Club purchased 27 new computers and new  17 inch LCD flat panel screen monitors.  All will be networked and  and connected to a printer and the Internet.  New chairs were purchased to add to the students comfort.

December 10 & 11th: Two nights of elegance and entertainment.  The Computer Club's annual Holiday Dinner and Stage Show.. Dinner was catered by Sunrise Catering, and entertainment was provided by Playhouse West.  Pocket 2004 calendars were given to all who attended, and balloons and beautiful poinsettias were distributed. Another successful event hosted by the Computer Club.:

The past few months have been exciting and bit hectic, but we are firmly ensconced in the newly renovated classrooms.  The contractor still has some tweaking to do (e.g. the ceiling mounts for projectors), but the rooms are very usable.  Len will soon have a solution to tipping chairs so they won't dump their occupants.  Both the instructors and students enjoy the fact that we have much more room for access to the individual, to be able to help each one.

In the office, Muriel  Wyro and Marie Klos, finally have some elbow room to work on the database and all of the Computer Club records.  There is so much storage room in the wall cabinets, even Len Loses track of where things are located.

We are grateful to the Acalanes School District for providing us with functional and attractive classrooms, and a much larger beautiful office.

The Computer Center in the Gateway complex has become a very active room.  Each day many people avail themselves of the services we offer.  We receive many compliments about how attractive the room is with its nice furniture and creative art.

The amount of e-mail we send out has diminished markedly, probably because so many residents now have their own computers.  However, the other services offered in the Center have become very popular.  Photocopies are most frequently used.  Many folks are coming for the consulting services to get help in solving problems.

As word goes out, the public access computer is serving more and more residents and visitors.  We have become an information center as well as a computer center.  Questions ranging from "Where are the multipurpose rooms?" to "How do I get a bar code?" are fielded with ease by our many volunteers. 

As long as we have volunteers who are willing to join in furthering the philosophy of the Club in helping seniors enjoy computers, the Club will continue to prosper.

The Club's holiday party was a tremendous success.  The feedback we are receiving is positive, although the show may have been a bit raunchy for a few, it was enjoyed by most.  The caterer was ready on time, and the meals were excellent.  As usual, the decor was beautiful.  Len in his customary manner, handled the two major crises with aplomb - the loss of the GRF canopy, which joined the banquet hall to the theater, and the flower supplier letting him down.  But Len never gives up, and recoup he did, and all went well.