Walnut Creek, California

Dedicated Volunteers

Mary Aissen
Bee Bostrom
Barbara Britt
Harriet Crosby
Margaret Cross
Carla Danziger
Harris Greenberg
Bill Hammond
Bill Kleeman
Jennifer Langan
Karen Larkin
Kyu-Woong Lee
Sandra Lew
Ken Lezin
Derek Liecty
Rhona Lishinsky
Jim McFarland
Elaine Neufeldt
Jane Norbeck
Jeff Shiau
Vicki Stanley
Kathy Stephens
Maxine Topper
Diana Trendell
Surekha Vaidya
Loretta Valenzuela
Ernie Vosti
Paul Wilson
Larry Woods
Lily Yang
Ron Zelman
Mindy Zuckerman
The Computer Club is always looking for Volunteers with solid computer and /or mobile device skills. But even if those are not your strong suits, there are other ways you can get involved, such as: providing members with information about classes and activities, or assisting the Club with staging events. Talk with us about the many ways you can participate!

To Volunteer Contact:
Kathy Stephens    

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Volunteering allows me to make use of my computer skills. By helping others, I reinforce them, and often learn new things. It pleases me to help someone.

   --Jim McFarland

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  • Discounts on social events
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